Campart Co Inc. was created in February 1974, to serve the small converter.

Some founding principals were, and still are:

  • No Minimum Order
  • Stock those PARTS for the small slitting machines that break or wear out most      frequently.
  • Same day shipping at NO EXTRA CHARGE, of all parts that we keep in stock.
  • Deliver quality parts at a reasonable price.

  The corporation started in Hawley, Pennsylvania in the house of President, Hubert P. McHugh, where two of the 11 rooms were converted into an office, and a stock room.

  Overhead was kept to a minimum, and no salaries were drawn for nearly a year.  All profit was plowed back into building up an inventory, so that more parts were immediately available to all our customers.

  Within a year it was evident that the business was growing too large for the two rooms, and a much larger facility was needed.  In analyzing the source of parts and materials, Stroudsburg, PA was selected as the best location, and Campart Co Inc relocated there in 1976.

  After his retirement from a Major Slitting Machine Manufacturer, Mr. George Adams joined Campart Co Inc. George added his expertise to the companies knowledge, and functioned as V.P. and Corporate Secretary from 1981 until his demise in 1998.

  By 1982, the business had outgrown the first Stroudsburg location, and the company moved to a larger location, which served well for twenty-two years .  In 1994 Campart moved to it's present location.

  After his retirement from a Major Slitting Machine Manufacturer, Mr. Joseph Calderone joined Campart Corp.  Mr. Calderone held the position of Vice President and Corporate Secretary from 1998 to 2003. 

  Campart Co. Inc. is exclusively in the Slitting Machine Parts Replacement & Repair business.  This specialization allows us to offer the best parts and technical advise to our customers.


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